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Apparel Printing

We have the ability to print limitless colors and photorealistic imagery on garments of all types, with Digital Apparel Printing offering NO MINIMUMS! We can also imprint fabric bags, blankets, hats, sports wear, in unique locations and at virtually any size. The possibilities are near endless! Custom placement and print locations are no problem. This is an extremely cost effective service for your personal wants, group, organization, sports club or team or event. Workwear and business attire can be produced with quick turnaround at a cost per quality that will really surprise you! The various production process we offer cover the whole gamut of decoration options. Depending on your particular wants and needs, we will best use the process that fits and also produces the greatest results!

Digital Apparel Printing, or DTG for short os the newest garment decoration process that is taking over the industry by storm. We have been in the DTG game since the start, so our knowledge is vast and our equipment is top notch to deliver the best results with the quickest turnaround!

Screenprinting is tried and true in garment decoration industry. Its dates back to 960AD and is perfect for large orders. We are able to start from scratch and proper convey your ideas to a design that works with a limited color palette to maximize your saving yet, yet retain a dynamic look. NO SET UP FEES or SCREEN FEES!

Embroidery is another widely popular garment decorating process that conveys the look of professionalism and class. Quality garments are best matched with embroidery as well as headwear and business wear. We pride ourselves on creating high quality SEW, or digitized files (another affordable service in which we offer) so that the end result looks its best. There are also NO MINIMUMS with embroidery!

Heat Pressing with CAD-CUT special application vinyl that heat sets into the fabric is perfect for sports jerseys and athletic wear. This is also a good option for simple text or imagery on dark colored garments that are only needed in low quantities Professional and safety workwear may require the use of vinyl application; and we are fully capable of following any standardized guidelines that your order may require.


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