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Design Services


Design Services

The core of our business is design. We were started by a skilled and well studied graphic designer that wanted to take his digital ideas and abilities into production himself in order to best control a quality end result. Personal design help and guidance from a degreed and industry experienced graphic designer is always available at little to no cost on most jobs. We never charge extra for design services for apparel printing as long as we are the ones handling the production! We can take your sketch or reference photos and make it an official logo or design, or as little as an idea of what you have in mind can go towards the creation of a professional look. At this time we do not offer in-house paper printing services such as stationary or business cards, but, we do work with a select few top quality printers that can produce your order easily. We don’t charge extra or add on to an expense for we are unable to produce in-house. We If we can’t print it in-house, we can at least design it for you and help you get in the right direction for the production requirements.

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